Useful Tips & Tricks To Create Outlook Compatible HTML Email Template

Many experts have given their views on this topic. All the views redirected the users towards the designing and formatting issues that were found in most of the templates. Considering these points valuable for business, template designers have put their opinions on priority when it comes to building outlook compatible HTML email template for email marketing campaigns.

It is hard to keep all the essential facets in mind while creating a business email template. Running an email marketing campaign not only means to contend with email spamming issues but also you have to properly scrutinize your HTML email designs for other factors. People use many email clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook to get connected with the business world. But here, we will be talking about outlook email clients and its compatible email templates.

So, let’s start with the points that email designers need to avoid while creating an email template. These things are mandatory and may cause frustration in users mind if overlooked at the time of email design.

Nominal usage of background images

With the advent of Outlook and many other email clients, the usage of background images in email templates has decreased. It happens because all contacts are not using the same email clients for which you have built the particular template. If you are sure that your target contacts are using the email clients that still have potential to render background images, then you can go for it, otherwise, it would not be beneficial. According to general rules, it will not work as a business booster.

Try not to use externally linked CSS

CSS always acts as an integral part of HTML email design. However, it is not necessary that the CSS file is always attached with the email, even it can also be integrated externally. These days, only a few email clients have the facility to access the externally linked CSS which is designed to bolster email templates. But, if you see around, no email client is ready to render the external CSS, rather they often ignore it. Make sure your CSS works properly and is not externally linked.

Reduce the usage of single image for entire email

HTML files are easy to access and render. Due to this feature, email marketers prefer it to build email templates. However, it is beneficial to add images to the HTML email templates, but the image should not be heavy as will take time to load or sometimes fail to access. To reduce this problem, you should abstain using a single yet heavy image for the entire message, in spite of that you can choose to add different relevant images with fast loading time.

Closing Thoughts:

The aforementioned points are the parts of a good outlook compatible HTML email template design. You should not overlook them, rather it would be profitable if you add these factors to your email designing techniques list. If you don’t want your email campaign to get failed, choosing mentioned points is the only solution.

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