TOP 15 Keys To Run A Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are the oldest and probably the best of all communication mediums practiced even today. Marketing emails are professional, provide an exceptional way to talk to the clients and let the message pass to the users in an effective manner. In order to help you know the best of all practices, here is a detailed guide on top elements to run a perfect email campaign.

1. Benefit of personalization

Just including the name of your clients in the emails does not mean you have succeeded the art of personalizing email campaigns. In addition to including the name of your clients in the emails (that is, of course, a personalization technique,) you can also make some room for conversions. Embedding personalization with users’ name, salutation, the location, clients’ preferences and so on can help in getting easy conversions.

2.Take lessons from the previous results

It is important to consider the mistakes you have done in the previous campaigns and do not repeat the same again. Getting the results of your email campaigns is always exciting; however, the most important part for you is to check how many people have received, opened and actually went through your email to provide you the required conversion.

3.Thanking clients for their support

Saying thanks evokes emotions and the reader feels a sense of positivity while reading the same. Rewarding your clients with thanks is always going to make your already faithful clients much more trustworthy for you. It will also help them realize that their involvement does count for the complete success of your overall campaign.

4.The power of data

The data generated by your previous email campaigns is always going to benefit you if utilized correctly. There are a number of such tools that would help you know all the possible aspects of the campaigns. Make it a practice to use the results from the older campaigns to form the new ones.

5.Make use of social proof

Users do like checking the social proof prior to making a purchase and this makes it really important for you to include social proof in your email campaigns. The review of products from clients is always going to make a bigger impact on the new prospects rather than the comments from experts. Hence, it is always a benefit to including social proof in the email campaigns.

6.Asking clients for feedback

Asking the clients for their feedbacks on the services is a renowned practice as it helps in knowing their genuine remarks. Allow your clients to take as much time as they wish to in order to forward their comments. This also makes them realize their importance and they are sure to give a genuine opinion on the same.

7.Integration into the social media channels

In the present scenario, there is no better medium than social media channels to voice your opinion. This also provides extended opportunity to target clients on these networks and generate important business leads. This is an effective way to target more number of clients through effective campaigns.

8.Free offerings

Users love the things that come for free. And when you are running an email campaign you must utilize the effect of the same. Your email clients will love the free offerings such as ebooks, any subscriptions, white paper, and other such items. This is sure to add new prospects to your email campaigns.

9.Do not forget to test your emails

Testing your emails is one of the most important aspects that cannot be taken for granted. None of the clients is interested in investing his/her time to read a mail that has flaws in it. This additionally takes a toll on the reputation of the email campaign service providers. Hence, prior to sending an email, do test it for flaws.

10.Try using same subject line every time

It may sound unconventional for the first time but using the same subject line of a successful campaign has proved its effectiveness. Same subject lines will help your clients locate you even in the heap of emails that are directed in thousands of count on a daily basis.

11.Use of dynamic content

Users like spending their time on the things that are worth it. Their time, thus, must be valued with dynamic content in the newsletters and templates sent to them. In case, users find your emails worth the time spending into, they are sure to read it every time, no matter how many emails comes to them.

12. Try keeping users on their toes

This goes exceptionally well with new emails wherein you are running any new campaign i.e. offer a free subscription to the clients only after they win the proposal you are yet to send with new email campaign. Keep them informed about your next email and send them without failure in order to gain immediate attention of the clients.

13.Value in the services and content

Everyone is busy today even your users and do not have considerable time to spend on your email campaigns. Thus, try providing value content to the users so that they could love to give their time to your emails. Providing value in the services such as timely delivery of the mails will also count in the same.

14.Show a caring attitude towards the clients

A user’s inbox is sure to have a lot of commotion with the hundreds and thousands of mails that are sent to them every single day. Even though there are a lot of emails, the attention of the readers can be easily attracted with subject lines as “everyone is busy and you may not have got enough time to renew your subscription”. This automates two different messages, one that you care and the other that the subscription is over. This attitude can help you get clients’ attention easily.

15.Forward progressively smarter emails

Every next email from your side needs to be structured better than the previous one. It is a way to increase the effect of your services. New emails with better subject lines structured pretty well is the key to offering value to the clients. Additionally, everyone loves to read innovative things.


Running a perfect email campaign is not a child’s play as it needs you being very specific at every step. The sole aim of these campaigns is to earn valuable business clients that can only be done by serving effective services. By incorporating all the ideas written above, success with email campaigns is sure to arrive your way.

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