Tips To Create and Use Email Templates In Outlook 2016

Nowadays email marketing is widely used to accomplish the need of professional correspondence. Marketers are doing so to ensure more appeal to the target market and customers. To fulfill all the marketing requirements, it is important to create your message or email with style.

As we can see that today sending email has become easy and effortless which is possible with the help of a number of standalone email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird. Also, you can take the example of web-based email clients like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail that are being used by a broad majority of users to convey and send professional messages in a systematic manner. So, if you are thinking about to run your email campaign through these email clients, you need to be sure that your email templates are going to be displayed correctly in these email clients so that readers can easily access the mails and messages without any hassle.

Discover the tips and techniques to create professional email marketing templates for Outlook. Have a glimpse on the below points :

Step 1: Designing The Email Template

In the process of creating an email template, the very first step is the designing of the email templates which you want for your Outlook. Creating email template in Outlook is very simple as you can design it as per your own choices.

Steps to design an email template:

1.Create a new email message in Outlook
a.Go to mail.
b.Click on new email in the Home section

2.Now enter a subject for your email template. It is optional you can leave it if you don’t want.
a.Create a subject line in the subject box.
b.You can save the message with default subject displayed in the Outlook.

3. You can also add the predefined elements of an email in order to showcase your creativity.
a. Add text & images.
b. If needed then the tables can also be added to the template design.
c. Most importantly, if you want to add the signatures in your template then it will also be done with this.

Step 2: Saving The Email Template As A Template

Once you have implemented all your creativity and done with the design of the email template, it is the time to save the creatively designed template.

Steps to save an email template:

1. First, save the email as a template.
a. Start by clicking on the File from the message toolbar
b. And then select Save As from the file menu.

2. In the next step, you have to select the Outlook Template from the drop-down list displayed under Save As type.
a.In some cases, Outlook automatically selects the “Templates” folder to save the email template.
b.Make sure that you have saved the template as Outlook Template and not the other.
c.You are free to change the template name, it will assist you in finding the particular template easily.

3.The most important thing while saving the template is to keep the desired location in mind.
a.After Making all changes in favor of email templates, make sure that you have chosen the location which you can easily be able to find. You can choose the default location.
b.Also, you can choose to save the file in your own created folder.
c.Click on Save button.

Step 3: Using The Template Design In Outlook 2016

Hope you have successfully saved your exquisitely designed responsive email template. So, if you have followed the aforementioned steps, you will find the template in the default folder, otherwise, you will have to browse the email template from your separately created folder and then you can create a mail using the predesigned template.

Steps to use an email design in Outlook:

1. In order to create a new email incorporating your predesigned email template, you have to choose the below options.
a.Choose New Items from the Home section.
b.Then go to the More Items appeared under the New Items.
c.After that click on Choose Forms associated under the More Items option.

2. Now, from the selected list of Choose Forms, choose your saved design and get it inserted into your email.
a. Choose the User Templates in File System.
b. You can choose your own design here.

3. You can also avail the facility by saving the email template to the default location.
a. If you have saved the template in the default Outlook folder, you can simply drag & drop the email template to your Outlook icon available in your taskbar.
b. After doing this, you can choose the template by making right-click on the Outlook icon.

In Conclusion:

Here we wind up our session of creating and using email templates in Outlook. Hope you enjoyed the elaborated guide and learned how to create custom email templates in Outlook 2016. We assure all the users that if they follow the steps serial wise, they will succeed in creating and using the email templates in their Outlook.

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