The Do’s To Be Implemented While Creating Email Template

An attractively created email template has the potential to earn precious customers for an e-commerce website.

If email marketing techniques are successfully attracting clients, it is an ultimate benefit to the business. It is true that mailing a copy of an email is putting some content, an image or two and adding a call to action over the template; however, it requires an innovative approach every time an email is drafted. The only trouble with creating an email template yourself is that you may run the risk of ending up with something that you think looks great, but actually looks like a mess in certain aspects.

Creating an email copy is exciting when you know the rules. However, the experience may turn to be awful if the copy is created just like that. We have compiled some of the do’s that are important to keep in mind when you are creating an email template design.

The use of right coding software:

Email template creating techniques have come up a long way and today a number of software are available to accomplish the task for you. With WYSIWYG editor, i.e.What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get allows email marketers to create image-rich emails without the knowledge of HTML email coding. The editor also helps to add rich elements over a template.

The width of the email template:

It is the ground rule to keep the width of the email under 650 pixels. This ensures the display of the template in vertical preview pane. Emails are always displayed within the size of the display box the user has and so it is important to ensure that the email responds well to the screen size. Thus, the 650 pixels width is always good to be used to remain on the safer side.

Make use of tables in the email:

It is very much important to make use of tables in the email template created for the promotion of the business. Usage of tables make sure that your template lands or renders the desired way across different email client. It is also suggested adding the table with 100% width as it acts as the true body tag for the email.

Good to avoid body attributes:

There are certain email clients that do not pay attention to the body attributes. Therefore, if you want to create light email background, you should simply use a 100% width light table and then nest the content of the email template within that table.

Avoid the use of HTML bullet points:

HTML bullets do not work well with an email template. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid the use of HTML bullet points. These points can be avoided with the use of plain text alternative like dash (-) or asterisks (*) so that user may not notice missing bullet in their email template.

Making use of the points listed in this article would help you to create effective email template design that has the potential to create the success of the product marketed by the company.

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