The Anatomy Of A Highly Optimized Marketing Email

Email – A widely pronounced and used term, most importantly in professional domains. Apart from utilizing as the best medium for conveying information to the individuals, it has expanded its usage in the marketing realm. You will be amazed to know that 66% consumers out of 100% make purchases because of a promotional email. Entrepreneurs are harnessing emails to take over the market with their powerful existence. Now, it is all up to you, how you want to popularize your brand by utilizing an email.

To achieve favorable results from email marketing, you first need to know the construction process of a promotional email. To make you completely aware of the essential and internal facts, we have created this informational blog. Further, to make it easier and convenient to understand, we break down the blog into different steps that will assist you to carry out email conversion proficiently.

To create a magnificent email design, you have to keep certain facts and figures in mind.

Here is the quick guide:

Step 1: What is the need of optimizing a marketing email?

91% of users check their emails regularly, at least once in a day.

 According to stats: 66% of online consumers made purchases that are the results of marketing emails.

• Above-mentioned stats are the solid reasons that specify the clear objective to utilize a marketing email for brand promotion.

Step 2: Create attractive subject lines


About 1/3 ratio of emails that are accessed by the users is due to the magnetic subject lines.

Tips to create creative subject lines:

• Use the catchy words such as “Alerts”, “Bulletin” or “News” in email subject lines.

• Grab readers’ attention by adding the words “Daily” or “Weekly” to the subject lines.

• To boost open and click-through rates, make use of “Sale”, “New” or “Video” to the main line.

• Identify your need and business requirements.

• Make your subject lines useful, informative and highly specific.

• Insert unique and visually different tag lines.

• Link a CTA (call-to-action) by asking a question.

• Use the attention-grabbingword “Free”.

• Write the subject lines with capital letters to highlight it.

• Check the created subject lines through click-through rates, so that you come to know what works better. 

Step 3: Avoid repetitive subject lines


As per the surveys: Emails that seem to have repetitive or same kind of subject lines are mostly get declined or ignored by recipients.

Few examples to explain this scenario:

1. If you create these subject lines – your click through rates will increase 6.3% to 8% approximately.

• Mega Sale @ City Mall On 20thJune

• On 20thJune Mega Sale @ City Mall

2. If you create the below subject lines – your click through rates may decrease and can be static to 3.5% to 5.1% only.

• This month 20thJune Mega Sale @ City Mall

• Hurry Up! Mega Sale @ City Mall On 20thJune 

Step 4: Optimize body content for better results

By using this technique, many companies get benefited by increasing their conversion rates up to a great extent.

Tricks to optimize marketing email:

• Convey your offer or promotional information to the readers along with the benefits.

• Maximize the use of images in your email body content.

=> The ratio of image processing is 60,000 times faster than text.

• Further, use short paragraphs and precisely formatted bullet points.

     => The average proportion of email spamming is 8 seconds just after an email arrives in the inbox.

• Personalize your email content by adding consumer Name, Company or Location.

     => The rate of email spamming is increasing as people move such emails to trash that they do not find relevant. 

Step 5: CTA is the best practice for email optimization


Email content incorporating with CTAs attain better results as most of the people want to try such call to action (CTAs) to know more about the offer.

Facts regarding CTA optimization:

• Focus on integrating a major action you want your prospective customers should take.

• Create a powerful CTA using specified button or the highlighted link.

• Make sure your integrated CTA is relevant and ensures visual distinctiveness.

• Always keep your call-to-action “above the fold” so it would be clearly visible when the user opens the email.

• Make use of captivating and friendly words in your CTA to instantly grab readers’ attention.

• Incorporate multiple actionable buttons and links throughout your email. 

Step 6: Optimize email for mobile


Stats show that over 70% of mobile shopping decisions are influenced by promotional shopping emails.

Other important stats:

 64% of the population read their emails via mobile phones.

48% of emails are properly opened with mobile devices.

Around 69% of users immediately delete the emails that are not screen adaptive or not meant for mobiles.

89% of email marketers are not able to succeed just because their emails are not mobile-friendly.

Certain tips to optimize email for smartphones:

1. You need to increase the size of CTA buttons and links

• Basically, an average size of an adult index finger is 1.6-2 cm, can translate up to 45-57 pixels on a mobile screen.

• Make sure that all the CTA buttons and links are larger (especially more than 45-57 square pixel) in size.

• To reduce accidental clicking, you need to put the links and buttons by maintaining a certain space.

2. Reduce the image size

• There is an average 7% drop in conversion rates for every second delay in image loading time.

• Use the best online image processing tools that effectively compress the file size of your image without compromising the image quality.

3. Resize the images by keeping the screen proportion in mind

• By altering the style portion of an image in your email HTML editor, you can easily define the image size as per screen proportion.

• To optimize the email for mobile, you also need to set the width of the image according to the screen adaptability.

• Further, set the height to the “auto” so that it can automatically adjust to any screen size.

    For instance:

<img style=”max-width;XX%;max-height:auto;” class=”alignCenter shadow” src=”YOUR IMAGE SOURCE.JPG”/> 


Email marketing is the best way to effectively reach out to your prospective audience. Although your email should be interactive otherwise it will not give you desired results. In this blog, we have listed numerous true facts and tricks to improve your email look & feel. These tips are highly useful and will assist you in making your email marketing campaign more successful than your previous ones.

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