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EmailChopper is among the industry leaders that provide MailChimp responsive email templates services. We have skilled resources to customize the templates according to clients’ requirements. EmailChopper is a trusted service provider for those who are looking for all the email template designing services under a roof. Right from PSD to HTML email template to responsive email templates for MailChimp and to the desktop email template conversion, we are occupied in providing all these services as per the fine details shared by the clients. We believe in providing equal opportunity to the clients in order to avail the benefits of effective templates by simply logging into MailChimp, enabling them to boost their email marketing campaign. The designing of templates differs from e-commerce newsletters and so is the approach of creating them. We design all these templates responsively having compatibility with MailChimp.


We believe in creating simple designs so that focus can be given to the message directly. Our professionals are very much concerned with creating responsive email templates that can easily work on a variety of devices.

Compelling Reasons To Consider Responsive Design For Email Marketing

If the statistics (nearly 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices & 70% of those are deleted by the customers for not being mobile-friendly) are not strong enough to convince you to move towards responsive design, then consider these facts:

Fast Development:
As compared to traditional HTML email template, responsive email template can be built faster
Around 42% of smartphone users access their emails on their device over 4 times per day.
Smartphone Sales:
Increment in the smartphone sales globally indicates that the number of mobile email opens would also increase.
Increase In Mobile Shopping:
Statistica has revealed that the number of mobile shoppers in the US is expected to increase from 139.7 million in 2014 to 174.9 million by 2016 with more than 40 million increased shoppers.

Get a Custom Email Design from EmailChopper


Why choosing EmailChopper a better option?

We are outstanding for a number of reasons and the most important one is that we provide greater attention on the compatibility of the templates with MailChimp and other such email clients. In addition to this, we include the following attributes in our email templates:
Well-tested delivery:
Before the final delivery of the news templates, each of the templates designed by us is thoroughly tested. Prior to the delivery, its compatibility is also tested with major browsers.
Hand-coded markup:
Hand-coded markup designs ensure the best readability, user-friendly appearance, and also ensures text positioning. We make use of the best practices and render the exceptional custom HTML email templates.
Make your email marketing campaign improved:
We ensure the development of appealing template so that the email campaign of our client is designed in a way that it could generate increased response.

Being an effective email marketing software, MailChimp is used to create exceptional email templates with a number of sending and saving options. MailChimp has an easy to use interface if we compare the software with other similar options. The software offers a number of options to create engaging newsletters that businesses can share on social networking platforms. Preferred features are easy to add and customize further as per the publishing needs. Users also have the option of saving the formats and then use later. Options are also available for tracking users’ response. Moreover, as per the clients’ requirements, further changes can be made in the campaign.

We offer the best in terms of quality as well as the cost. Hence, choosing us would help our clients get the best services for responsive email templates for MailChimp.

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Laura Callow

Till Q1 of 2014 it reached to 66% of mobile opens according to marketing land blog post. And the same report shows desktop open rate is down by 34%. There are few more points you should be noticing in email marketing like email opening hours. The peak email opens is before working hours so plan accordingly.


Responsiveness obviously the main thing email marketers should have a look at, but along with that handling customer and working on strategy or plan to increase personalization is going out of the box idea in 2015 and even in coming few years. And its hard to believe that only less than half (46%) of digital marketers were utilizing information from other channels to run email campaign. And its good to see mailchimp is working for even better @eventbrite integration in emails.

Kelly W

Yes i agree with emarketer, personalization works better in these days, i have practically experienced. Few days back i have brough sneakers through some online store and months later that particular store came with my recent product at top of the email as my recent buying. And i checked it again on their website and related some more products as . And finally i would conclude as custom & personalization works better in email marketing rather than just simple html newsletter sending the latest offers or any other kind of promotions


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