Points To Consider For Designing Attractive Email Templates

In the competitive email marketing world, it’s not enough to draft a simple email text for targeting the clients across the world for business deals. The latest trend is about email templates which have revolutionized the way of email marketing for businesses of all domains. Email templates are good options to design an attractive, informative and user-friendly emails for the clients. Many of the email marketers are using email templates in order to fascinate their customers and inspire them to get engaged into a business relationship. But, the question is how to design an eye-catching email template for prospective clients. It demands the best practices and many points to keep in mind while designing email templates for marketing purpose such as:

Pick relevant design format

It’s important that you pick the right format for email template design which reflects the clear message of your business type to the client. Try to keep simplicity in the design of email template that should be easy to view and understand.

Create layout

Create the fascinating layout for the email template. Design the layout in such a way that it covers all the elements of the email easily such as images or photos, content, graph etc. Also, you can set email layout into 2 or 3 columns or rows as per requirement.

Implement images or photos

To make your email template design more attractive, you can add relevant images or photos as well. But make sure, your images should be in small size that fits into the template easily. Try to place the images at left side of the email that makes it easy view.

Content display and fonts

Ensure that whatever content you put into the email is related to the business prospective and gives right details of your business or its services and products. Also, it’s necessary to display the content in the email body adequately. For this, you can place the content at the right side in the email. Besides, you can use fonts for content like Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, Verdana, Georgia etc. Thus, you can enhance the visibility and readability of the content in your email easily.

Keep everything within 600 pixels

Your email template should possess 600 pixels width. It means, you need to input all the elements of the email under the same width. Because the client has no time to read your long email. So, it would be wise to keep the email template size small and input crisp and clear content that should be easy to explore and understand.

Avoid background images

It would be better to avoid background images in your email templates. Instead, you can use a contrast color background that can work and enhance the look of your email.

Use of animations

Animations can also give a kick to the design of your email template. You can use animated header and other attributes in the email which can make it more eye-catching and influential for the customers.

Use bullets or arrows

To highlight specific details or information of business in the email, you can use bullets or arrows to list them. It may inspire client to pay special attention towards those bulleted points in the email and make it more effective.

Take care of email borders

Pay right attention towards email borders like its sidebar, scrollbar, header, footer, etc. Try to avoid tricky border styles, and drop shadows in the email. Keep all the border elements simple and steady in the email that enable one to view or use them easily.

By following above few points, you can design a stunning, informative and business-oriented email template to influence the customers and inspire them to read and respond the email for business engagement.


It’s easy to design an interesting and beautiful email template by taking care of email layout, font, content display, images, color combination, width, and many more. Keep all these facts simple, but appealing while designing email templates for email marketing campaigns.

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Munesh Patil

Great points, written language are so simple…thanks.

Christian Dixon

glad to find these all points in a collective form. It’s very helpful for me because I’m a designer and want to design perfect email template,


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