Need of Implementing SEO Tactics While Designing Email Templates

With the introduction of various marketing channels such as social media optimization, ad campaigning, direct mail and email marketing, brand reputation management has become quite easier for business enterprises. So, if you want your brand promotion in an effective and quick manner, you ought to approach professionals who are aware of these marketing channels. But, if you desire to have your business promotion with style and professionalism, you should opt the email template design services from any of the well-renowned organizations.

Email Template Design:

Email template design is not just the medium of delivering text in the form of formal mails or text, instead, it is considered as an online campaign that efficiently delivers your message with a punch and lets your business stay ahead in the industry. An attractive email template grabs the attention of customers and so its catchy text, which in turn results in better business prospects. So, make your mind and find the email template that suits your business in all ways. Email Chopper is a renowned name broadly admired for developing the creative and appealing business email designs that splendidly goes with the specified promotion purpose. Further, we at our end have all the required resources to create incredible templates that reveal your purpose and compel users to make a quick move.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Fundamentally, search engine optimization is the process of getting huge traffic on all the web search engines. Applying the best SEO practices makes the way for a website success. And if these services are hired from a professional agency, it will definitely provide quick and long-lasting results. At present, the well-known and the viable search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo, where the site and its pages get ranked according to its content placement. Apart from the content management, there are various other factors which influence a website’s rank, depending on the crawling process of a search engine. But, content is considered as the major factor through which a website page crawls and gets indexed into the massive database.

Major task of all the search engines is to search and crawl a website for its new updates or we can say for fresh content. Similarly, if we introduce an email template for our business promotion, it would also have eye-catchy text in it, which, if published will definitely get indexed by the search engine. Hence, the common factor in both template designing and SEO is the content that gets ranked if placed appropriately on a web page or in any advertisement campaign.

According to this scenario, if we consolidate these two dimensions of marketing, these will surely influence the business prospects. Let’s have a look at the points described below that how we integrate SEO tricks while producing an email template for promoting a business event.

Utilize Best SEO Strategies: The most important factor is to consider while designing SEO friendly email campaign is to produce the entire text such as headings, subject lines, titles and the body of the email in an SEO focused way so that search engines could grab the keywords or phrases easily. We do it all in a professional and effective way. Also, we make sure that through the designed email template we are redirecting the most demanding web page containing enough information to satisfy a user. One more thing that we offer with our services is the highly compressed or pixel perfect images so that they can easily open without even clicking on the show image button as the user does not prefer to do it.

Create E-Newsletter Library: If your published newsletters have keywords and key-phrases, then we can create a library of them to optimize the titles on search engines. Apart from this, we also create a master e-newsletter archive containing an individual link for each of your published newsletters in order to make them SEO friendly.

Add Canonical Tags: Basically, canonical tags are applied to an email template while posting the email archives to the website to make it accessible for search engines. So, if you provide us your email archives, we add a canonical tag to tell the search engine that this tag should be treated as the preferred URL. This will definitely result in a positive and increased brand promotion.

Catchy Subject Lines: User is habitual of finding keywords to have such information what he is looking for and it is true that with a valid or catchy keyword any business can have huge traffic to their website. We at Email Chopper provide you SEO targeted keywords and subject lines that well goes with the content defined inside the body of the template.

Responsive Template Design: Today, using mobiles and various other gadgets has become the primary need for all. Everyone wants to access their emails over their smart devices whether it is smart phones, tablets or mini laptops. We offer highly responsive email template designing services that conveniently capture the ever-growing market and let the business crawl on the top over different search engines.

Embedding Video Emails: In order to attract more traffic to the website, we also embed videos to the designed email templates. While implementing this SEO strategy, we assure that the videos are short and have required information, which result in seeking the attention of users towards the main motive.

Along with other marketing tactics, if you follow the email template designing outlining with the integration of SEO tricks, it will eventually assist in maximizing your business leads. Therefore, if you have any doubt regarding these kind of services, you can count on us and we will get back to you with a solid and business-oriented solution.

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Joe Contreras

Happy to read this article, because I’m an email template designer and agree with common SEO factor in email template design. Thanks.


interesting article!
mentioned all points are good. Thanks for helping me, because now i clear about this topic.

Ninja Team

What’s next, after responsive templates?


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