Improve the Power of Email Marketing Using Responsive Email Template Design

Sometimes you might have noticed that some of the messages or emails you access with your phone are clearly formatted while some are not properly visible. This is the effect of poor development and formation of emails that reflects in the final results. These types of messages or emails are not responsive and are not meant for mobile devices. If seriously optimized, it is a major problem confronted by all the marketers as a maximum number of messages and emails are viewed on mobile devices.

To fix this problem, marketers and entrepreneurs approach responsive email template design which converts your emails into the screen fit layouts that look great on all mobile and electronic devices.

See what you will get by converting your PSDs into the responsive email templates:

1) The text of the email will be perfectly scaled to fit the screen of mobile phones which makes it easy to read.
2) Multi-column email designs will be easily cascaded into the single or two column template design.
3) Text and images are properly aligned which make the content more appealing and in readable form.

These are the features which automatically get integrated with your email templates whenever you convert them into responsive templates. And if you avail the conversion service from EmailChopper, you will be facilitated with the quality responsive email template design which ensures better subscriber engagement and generates increased click through rates. If you will go deep in studies, you will find various stats and tactics discussed for improving the email marketing.

Let’s discuss in brief about how email readers get interacted with the marketing emails. The significance of mobile users and mobile email readers made responsive email template design crucial than ever. It is because, today, users expect eye-catching emails across devices and like to ignore or discard the emails that are poor in looks and are not designed to appear on smartphones.

Here comes the responsive design which is the key to boosting email marketing:

Responsive email template design is the solution for all the email marketing and promotion issues. Regardless of whether your emails are designed responsively or not, most of your sent mails will be opened using mobile devices. Yes, there are chances when readers will not be even clicking your email due to the lack of interactivity and poor layout.

And if we compare, then responsive designs proved far better than the mentioned ones. It has been optimized that the percentage of accessing emails got increased by 58% when emails are designed with interactive and responsive layouts. This automatically turns into quality traffic and good conversion rates and thereby results in excellent business prospects. This scale has consistently rising day by day as the number of mobile users is also increasing on a large scale.

How responsive emails provide a great opportunity for boosting email marketing:

As we have discussed that responsive email designs attract more customers as compared to normal or simple mails. Thus, it is proven and the best source of generating more revenues from increased click-through rates and conversion rates. Email marketing completely depends on how many users access and read the mail. And after that, the race begins for converting those users into the subscribed ones.

If the emails do not appear in readable fonts, there are chances that user will either unsubscribe your service or instantly delete your message. So, make sure that your emails are designed perfectly and attract more customer so that they give the enhanced online presence and excellent business.

In a nutshell:

Responsive email template designs have become the vital part of email marketing that plays a significant role in bringing the website on the top of the search engines pages. Further, transforming the PSDs into the responsive templates give a new impetus and volume to the emails by simply adding the delicate designs and captivating layout which drives the customers’ attention to the website.

EmailChopper is a well-established email template designing company and takes responsibility to deliver all the projects on time and that too without compromising the quality of the work. Before going anywhere else, try our services at least once. We assure you that we never disappoint our customers and always facilitate them with exclusive and exquisite email design services.

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