How to Design Effective Email Newsletter: A Must-Read Guide

Keep in touch with your customers and followers with the effective email newsletters. There can be several updates or possibly upcoming events that you would like to share with your friends or customers.  It is always easy to post new information to your blogs and social media streams to reach your potential audience.

The best and the easiest way is to create and send out newsletters. However, to design custom templates and create your own code can be time-consuming. We have come up with an effective guide that provides you all the information that you need to plan, design and develop an HTML newsletter that renders nicely and is useful to the recipients.

Purpose of Designing & Building Newsletters

Before starting with the design aspects, we must clarify the purpose behind developing newsletter. Based on the type of site you own, the information included in your newsletter may vary from others, but the main purpose of newsletter is to deliver important updates right to your subscribers’ inbox. Most of the internet users are likely to check their messages more than twice a day, even those who are busy will take some time to go through their emails at least once a day. Therefore, this is the best way to grab the attention of people without requiring the visits to your website.

A Quick Guide to Build Impressive Email Newsletters

Effective Newsletter Marketing

Tip 1#- Respect Your Audience. Value Their Time & Attention

The inbox quite noisy busy place for a newsletter to land. Hundreds of other messages are already on the pile with calendars, notes and folders on all sides. The typical user is perhaps not waiting for your email to arrive. So, need to ensure that your email does not waste their time. Come to the point quickly and figure out, why someone would want your message and tell them the reason right away.

Tip 2# – Ask for Users’ Permission Nicely

Always consider the policies based on the permission you require in order to send email, while using an external email service. Get to know the policies that apply to you and your customers prior to sending email. To take explicit permission is the best option. Ask customers directly, if they would like to receive messages about your topic. It is wiser to let them know what they will get and how often they will receive it.

Tip 3# – Focus on Relevancy

Even, if you have received the permission of your readers, they do not necessarily want to read your emails. It is important to send relevant and valuable information to your audience. Consider, whether the information is useful to your recipients and what they expect from you.

Tip 4# – Easy Unsubscribing

We often hide the terms & conditions and dull disclaimers in tiny gray font at the bottom of page. Putting an unsubscribing link there is a bad idea. There is no point in sending message to people, who are not even interested in your content. If your content is no more useful to them, let them easily unsubscribe. Better make it clear and prominent, so that if they decide to receive your email, they will be confident enough in signing up.

Tip 5# – Incorporate Plain Text Version As Well

Some people just do not like HTML emails, their system might be locked down or they would be using older systems and so, they just cannot view HTML. Always provide a plain text alternative in your emails such that recipients’ email server can choose, which version to display.


There are a plenty of tips and tutorials available online to help you learn more about building effective newsletters. Even, if you are a newcomer, you will surely find some valuable information to get started with the process of creating newsletter.

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