How Email Segmentation Influences Email Marketing Campaign

By now, most of the marketers have realized the importance of emails in their email marketing campaign. Even, most of the business owners are currently promoting their brands by sending relevantly designed HTML email templates. As per the actual stats, it is predicted that email marketing is a non-dying strategy and will not get affected by any of the emerging marketing strategies.

Where marketers are happy to think that email marketing is not going anywhere, they must also focus on implementing the best practices to run their email marketing campaign. One of the most effective and proven practices is the email segmentation which improves the communication between the brand and the customers.

So, if you are still not dicing and slicing your database into the segments, it means you are missing quality customers for your promoted services/products. Read this blog to find out why email marketers should segment their contacts into groups to get better email click-through and open rates.

First of all, have a glimpse at the original stats of using email marketing as a marketing strategy:

• As per 54% marketers, email marketing is rated as the most effective digital marketing strategy.

• Many consider it as the methodology which is least difficult to execute.

• 89% marketers state that in ancient days email was the primary source for lead generation.

Moving ahead to the same, the blog also elaborates that how segmented emails ensure better conversion rates than broadcast emails:

Segmented emails generate better results but it doesn’t mean broadcast emails are not worth using as a digital marketing strategy. The thing is segmented emails are more powerful than broadcast emails.

See the difference between both of these:

Broadcast Emails:

Broadcast method is used for sending one-time emails that you can send immediately to a large group of targeted people. These types of emails are often sent by marketers to run promotional email marketing campaigns. However, broadcast emails are easy to maintain and use. The only thing is, these can be sent to a group of people and not to different groups simultaneously.

Segmented Emails:

Segmented email is a modern technique of sending emails to a selected contact groups. These emails can be sent manually. But once these emails sent to the targeted recipients can’t be edited. Segment emails are easy to manage and help you get better click-through and open rates. By following this concept of narrowing down your list of contacts, you can run your campaign effortlessly. Today, the level of segmented emails in email marketing campaigns is high as compared to non-segmented emails. These are the generic examples. Further in this blog, we will be discussing why segmentation matters in email marketing success.

Let’s look at the major reasons that explain why segmented emails are the best ways to promote a brand or its associated services:

• Email marketing campaigns based on segmented emails drive 18 times more revenue in comparison to broadcast emails.

• If you are sending your segmented emails using email templates like MailChimp, you will recognize an ideal growth in click-through and open rates.

• 24 percent marketers experienced better deliverability, greater revenue and increased sales leads by using segmented emails as their ideal promotional activities.

Now, it’s the time to highlight the actual stats by marketers who segmented their emails to publicize their brands:

• By utilizing segmentation, 34% marketers observed greater email relevance.

• 39% of the business owners experienced higher open and click-through rates when using segmentation to run their email marketing campaigns.

• Running email campaigns with segmented emails provides 28% lower unsubscribe rates which is a plus point for marketers to grow their brand successfully.

Wrapping Up:

One thing which is sure is that segmenting email marketing lists will leave a positive impact on your overall promotional campaign. Achieving the goals like excellent open and click rates are the dream of every marketer which can be fulfilled by implementing the email segmentation strategy in your email campaign.

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Good point! Where it should be a big factor when it comes to analyzing your data and list. So that you will get better results on the next campaign.


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