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mobile friendly email template

Designing responsive email templates is now the key to successful campaigning. While designing the approach, it is imperative to offer exceptional user experience as consumers are well ahead of the marketers when it is comes to knowing the mobile behavior.

More than 50% of email templates are read over mobile phones that ask for the urge of providing exceptional user experience. Mobile-friendly email templates or the responsive ones itself means templates that load easily over any of the platforms. Let’s have a glance on what, why, and how such templates are important for the next gen marketing.

What is mobile-friendly email template?

Mobile-friendly email templates are those that have the capacity to load exceptionally well across all the platforms. Mobile-friendly templates are able to retain multi-column layout and also allow readers to tap as well as zoom the individual content blocks for easy reading. Such templates make use of buttons or call to actions that are easy to tap.

Attributes of mobile-friendly templates

►  Mobile-friendly email templates use media query to adjust the width of email depending upon the size of the display.
►  Font sizes change with the kind of device on which the template is viewed
►  Layout can also be changed from multi-column to single-column
►  Elements can be hidden or shown as per the requirement of the platform

Importance of mobile-friendly email templates

The effectiveness of mobile-friendly email campaigns has grown as subscribers are now finding it a better option to check their messages and other important emails over their phone. As an effective marketing medium, email templates help business owners to direct their messages directly to the subscribers in customized form.

The fact that mobiles can be checked anywhere at any point of time offers another reason for optimizing templates for mobile phones. Thus, creating such email templates is a benefit for both the subscribers and the owners.

How mobile-friendly email templates should be designers?

There are a number of elements to keep in mind while designing mobile-friendly email templates. Among several others, here is a quick list to consider:

Decrease image file size

Reducing the image file size would help pictures to load easily over the platform. Moreover, do not let your file quality get decreased while decreasing image file size. Remember, all that users expect is optimal viewing experience.

Tappable button size

Providing tappable button size would help the users read the template well with the opportunity to tap easily for further details if required. The recommended button size for call to action and other important buttons over the email template is 47-57 pixels.

Resizing image size as per the content

Resizing the image as per the content is important as it will suit the overall aesthetics of the email template. Your user would not find it a great experience to look on images that are not matching the size of the content. Therefore, to provide exceptional user experience, considering the right image size becomes important.


Mobile-friendly email design has made its important place because it loads easily over different platforms and makes it easy for users to view the same. Exceptional user experience is a guaranteed attribute of such designs.

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