4 Best Email Marketing Tools to Meet Your Business Goals

Being the most powerful contact management systems, email marketing tools enable online merchants having little technical knowledge to create forms, get email addresses and send out mass emails without any hassle. Email marketing is the best and affordable method for staying in contact with the existing and potential customers.

Email Marketing Tools

Function & Significance

These email marketing softwares provide form creation wizards that enable you to build forms to be placed on your website. The names and addresses provided by your online visitors are added automatically to your email list. You can implement your email marketing software to build innovative emails by using the template, when you need to send out a bulk emails to all your contacts within a few clicks. Most of the marketing tools come with auto-responders that enable you to build a series of emails that reach new customers at stipulated time or on specific dates.

These incredible tools help simplify the process of managing the list of email contacts. It is really cumbersome and time-consuming to manually gather, verify and confirm email addresses for various site visitors every week. The automated emails save a lot of time and efforts allowing you to spend more time on developing creative messages that can entice readers to make a purchase.

Email marketing tools

In order to work smarter, here are a few email marketing tools that can maximize your marketing efficiency:

MailChimp: This awesome email marketing tool has the in-built capability to offer quality subject lines. You just need to enter the proposed subject, while creating an email and hit the link to ‘research subject lines’. Instantly, a pop-up appears that not only tells you whether you are on the right track or not, but also suggests alternatives.

Premailer: The retro style of designing emails with heavy tables and blind to CSS makes the life more interesting for designers. Premailer can be used to transform a well-designed HTML file into inline CSS in order to save time and efforts. The best thing about this email marketing software is that you can further modify your new file by adding tracking codes onto the links and analyzing a list of useful options including unused comments and tags.

Constant Contact: If you want to start free email marketing campaign, then Constant Contact provides the best solution to fulfill your email marketing needs. Using its drag and drop tool, you can customize your templates and create professional looking emails. It helps you maintain your email list and even, you can implement its social media integration for an effective email campaign.

Litmus: Every email client choose to display emails distinctly. It helps you see how your email will appear to your recipients. Email services, including Constant Contact and MailChimp, offer free inbox inspection, when you set up an account. Litmus does the better job by enabling you to view your message in 34 distinct inboxes and you do not even need to sign up to see results. You just need to enter the HTML as well as your email address and Litmus, after running the tests, will send you email, when the results are ready.

Thus, it is more affordable to send mass emails than to mail a catalog to thousands of users. Due to their easy-to use and environment-friendly features, email marketing tools are likely to take over direct mail almost completely.

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