10 Effective Tips & Tricks for Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Due to endless spam flow on the internet, web users have now become cautious about every message they receive. Majority of them immediately delete any suspicious email without even reading them. However, some of them use anti-spam filters that block emails or messages that appear to be spam. It is good to have an organized list of subscribers to which you are sending messages at the regular basis. So, they know that who you are and likely to have your email address saved in their address books or whitelists. It has been observed that the first email marketing campaign usually gets low response rate. This may be due to the goods or services, you have picked out to offer or the design a website or the message itself. So, how to maximize the chances of obtaining a decent response from your email campaign!

Email Marketing Campaign

How to Build a Strong Email Marketing Campaign: Things to Consider

Send as a Dialogue: Avoid ‘batch and blast’ exercise of email campaigns. Extend the conversation by listening, engage your customers & prospects with meaningful communication through email campaigns, add relevant value to your emails.

Analyze Past Click-through: Go beyond just statistics and explore all the available data to find out, where prospects went on the site, visit frequency, number of visits, etc. Plan how to segment them, based on their behaviors and preferences.

Segmentation: Combining the behavioral data with the standard segmentation technique helps you build more complex segmentation strategies.

Send Right Message: Use these campaigns to send the emails according to the subscribers’ profiles, actions and interests. Create distinct messages for different segments of your list.

Automation Solution: Utilize the marketing automation solution to automate campaigns, depending on event and behavioral triggers and save time for creativity and strategy to build healthy relationship with your customers.

Mix up Styles & Methods: For a successful campaign, consider mixing up different campaign methods and styles. Use different content angles, fulfillment pieces & surveys, different delivery days & times as testing components.

Check Deliverable: Even, your best strategy will fail, if the message does not reach customer’s Inbox. Determine the issues that may prevent your email from getting your recipient’s Inbox. Do not use common spam trigger words, like offer, free, click here, and opportunity.

Significance of Testing: Testing is important to get the optimal results from your email campaign. Test the subject line with A/B testing to make sure that the right message goes to your recipient’s Inbox. Also, test the deliverability of your message with a small in-house group before sending emails and make sure that all the included links direct to the correct pages.

Determine Your Results: Use the reporting dashboards in your automation solution to obtain the details in a format that is legible for all. Now, utilize these details to understand the customers’ interaction and improve future campaigns, while enhancing marketing ROI.

Build relationship: Use the check-in emails to build trusted relationship with your audience and gain useful feedback.

Thus, keep these tips in mind, while building email campaign. While they would not necessarily guarantee that you campaign will be a 100% success, they will certainly increase your open rates and ROI.

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