Custom Email Template Design To Boost Your Email Campaign

Custom email template design is one of the best and the most efficient ways to create the messages for an indefinite use. Since, these custom designed templates allows you create the layout along with the message just once and move ahead with the editing of content next time. With the growing popularity of HTML emails, a number of email applications are now equipped to handle HTML. The existing templates or the ones that are freely available often do not provide the businesses with the unique look that they want to convey to their audience. However, custom templates allows you to concentrate on the content without being worried about the template design.

It is essential to give your email an appealing look that works and sticks with it as consistency makes good business sense in this internet world. Brand image is what, customers expect from a business, when signup for an email and this brand identity always stays in their mind. This is where custom email template design comes into play and makes so much sense in marketing campaign. The perfect combination of an exclusive design, technical skills and a good marketing strategy is imperative to survive in this cutthroat web world. It is a great idea to create an innovative template custom designed with your company logo and the incredible array of colors, integrated within the design. To create a brand image and get noticed is important for the successful growth of your business.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create custom email template design:

Open a fresh file in HTML text editor like Dreamweaver.
Build an HTML table, which is perfect to hold the design and layout of message.
Enter the text or content.
Now, add inline CSS formatting for background colors and fonts. It is wiser to keep the CSS limited to format and fonts as some of the email applications may not be able to display more complex emails.
Include any desired graphics, but the images should be minimum as it slows down the download speed.
Give your file the desired name and save it with “.html” extension. However, in some of the HTML text editors like Dreamweaver, you may have the option to save the file as template allowing you to name and describe the template for future use.
Place the HTML file as well as graphics into a specific folder on your web server. These should have an appropriate URL to work.
You can create the copies of your email template, using editor’s copy function and create a new message, containing master outline.

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