Best Practices To Follow For Email Template Design

The first thing that strikes in marketers mind for brand promotion is obviously email marketing. This technique is easy to apply and incur less cost to execute the activities. Although, email marketing is an older strategy and followed by many business owners and marketers to carry out promotional activities in a positive flow. To add charm to the email marketing activities, web designers have come up with an exceptional idea of integrating the promotional emails with the beautifully created email template design. This idea has completely changed the way of email marketing business entrepreneurs used to do without using email templates.

Undoubtedly, email templates are beneficial to get an excellent return on investments incurred by a business to retain quality customers. But, it only works when you implement this technique appropriately. It means you need to follow some guidelines to integrate email templates in your emailers or email clients. These guidelines may include some tactics to design eye-appealing templates.

Let us take a glance at some major email template design practices that help create captivating templates to flawlessly run email marketing campaign.

Practice 1: Design Email Template For The Top 600 Pixels By Three Inches

Your agenda of designing an email template is to sell it to customers which means that email should be attractive and fixed to the preview pane of the major email clients. To make it accessible on all email preview panes, you need to make designing settings about 600 pixels of length and around three inches of depth. Further, make sure that your important information, call-to-action and relevant links reside within that space.

Practice 2: Minimize Image Usage

However, images provide unquestionable and excellent results each time. But, in the case of email templates, it is not advised to use images as they are not always loaded in the inboxes. If you use heavy images to your email designs, the chances of white space appearance in the inboxes will increase. So, if you want to attract your customers, make sure your critical promotional information is not trapped in the integrated image. Always keep your crucial matter outside the image so that recipients don’t miss the information even if the image does not load.

Practice 3: Personalize Email Subject Lines And Content

As per the surveys, emails perform better when these are designed by integrating personalized field anywhere in the information. The fields may be recipient’s user name or first name mentioned in the subject line or anywhere in the description. This attracts users and compels them to subscribe the promoted service or product.


The methodology of PSD to email template design is the best in the context of advertising a brand in a quick, better and cost-effective ways. If you are an entrepreneur and want to promote your business professionally, email marketing through email template design integration would be the appropriate choice for you. Also, you can make your email templates interactive by adopting aforementioned key factors of email designing.

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