A Brief On Top 5 Responsive HTML Email Templates For 2016

Email templates are an integral part of business today. The effectivity of this medium as a marketing technique cannot be ignored as it has already proved its worth in getting the clients. As the prescribed tool for an effective marketing technique, mobile-friendly email templates have now made their prominent space in the market. The fact that these templates load easily on mobile gives the users the freedom of checking their mails on the smartphones.

Being responsive in their approach is not the sole trait of responsive email templates today. These must have a unique design to attract clients’ attention towards the email campaign. To help online marketers make better choices with responsive HTML email templates, we are presenting a list of responsive templates that are incredible to use for successful email campaigns.

Here comes the list:

1. Open Source Email Templates

The name mentions much about the kind of such templates. Being effective for accomplishing targeted business goals, Open Source Email Templates give the freedom of editing and thus adding new elements to the existing template. The template can be downloaded from community source and shared further after making some of the changes in the existing features. The related community is open to get new themes and templates from the new users.

2. HTML Email Templates

Creating HTML email templates has always been presumed one hard to accomplish task and adding that responsive technique can make the task harder. Here comes the role of the frameworks that help in accomplishing the task with utmost ease. One of the frameworks that is extensively used for this purpose is Cerberus. The framework serves coders with a few but solid HTML email patterns to be used for creating the templates.

3. Passion

Passion has been categorized as a complex but sophisticated email template. It has some of the modern web design concepts. The extendability of this email is just great and it seems as if an actual website campaign has been sent to someone. When sending this template, you can be rest assured with the fact that the different elements of this template can be detached from each other and thus users can choose whatever element they would like to get for their email newsletters.

4. WooMail

WooMail is a simple email template to work with. It has also got the status of being the first ever email template that could be used with the most popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce. The email template can thus be integrated into the WordPress site and sent to the respective clients. The template is an exceptional way to build the e-commerce newsletters for the clients. WooMail thus offers a number of benefits for the service providers.

5. Moka

Moak falls into the category of an elegant template that is used multi-purposely. The best thing about this email template is that it can be customized with the use of built-in template editor. Another good news about this template is that it is tested to work exceptionally well with different devices and browsers. Thus, it can be opened and used on a variety of devices.


With all these responsive email templates listed here, it becomes much easier for the service providers to create the related campaigns for the clients. Users, on the other hand, also get a pleasing experience of using the same. All these templates are effective when it comes to fetching the clients towards a campaign. Thus, depending upon the choice of the campaign to be developed, any one of these templates can be chosen. These are sure to offer effective campaign results.

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