8 Ways To Avoid Sending Spam Email And improve Your Email Quality

The practice of email has got a special position in the email marketing and it is still one of the effective mediums to fetch the clients towards the services. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the medium; however, the advantages can be increased by doing the practice exceptionally well. Thousands of email are sent and received on a daily basis but a few of them get noticed by the users. Have you every thought what lets it happen or what are the aspects that strike the success or the failure of an email?

Here in this write-up, we are going to explain some of the ways that will help the service providers avoid spamming as well as improve the email quality while sending the emails. Here goes the explanation.

1. Don’t use purchased, rented, or scraped lists

It is just not good to illegally rent or purchase the email lists of people who have agreed for communication. It is nothing more than a dirty email marketing practice that is going to do no good for your business. As these people do not have any idea about you and existence of your business, it is not ideal to bother them by sending email from your side.

2. Do not send campaigns with too many CAPS letters


As per some of the independent study, it has been researched that nearly 85% of the email recipient prefer messages that have been structured with all-lowercase. Thus, it is ideal to use more of email personalization methods than to opting for writing things in CAPS. It is only relevance that is going to help your email create success and thus, it is suggested to work on the same.

3. Don’t use video, huge images, Flash, or JavaScript within your email

A number of email clients does not support video, huge images, Flash, or JavaScript within your email because of the default settings. Thus, it is ideal to use an image and link the same to a rich media on your website page. This goes true for all the other media also. Hence, opt for the suggestion that we have just explained.

4. Don’t embed forms in your emails

It is because of security reasons that a number of email clients do not support the embedded forms in the email. Therefore, we suggest you to either to add a call-to-action button or a landing page with a form in the email body. Call-to-action is an exceptional way to offer a chance to the clients to react on the messages posted.

5. Don’t use spam trigger words

Words that sound like spam will have a bad impact on the users. Thus, it gets important to choose the words carefully while creating the emails. When forming the email or subject line, try to engage the clients as much as possible. They would always love to read something that has just been put for them.

More to this, such words can make your email land directly to the users’ spam folder and this is something that cannot be afforded by any service provider. Thus, words that ask the readers to take certain actions such as buy,Make money, Best price, Accept Credit Cards, Lose weight, Free membership, order, act now, don’t hesitate, etc. should not be included.

6. Don’t hide the unsubscribe/opt-out link in your campaigns


Pleasing the users or the clients with your email is the ultimate motto for the service providers. Thus, users must be forwarded with all the possible options even of opting out from the services. In the case they are very much satisfied with the services, they will continue otherwise opting out from the services must also be highlighted for them.

7. Do stay update on changes in email sending laws, ISP conduct, and spam filter technology

New and innovative email creation techniques frequently keep coming to replace the older ones. And therefore, service providers need to keep an eye on these changes so that they could easily be included in the email. Thus, service providers need to remain updated with the changes in email sending laws, IPS conduct and several other such techniques.

8. Do test emails before sending them

Although testing is the last step but it matters the most when you are sending the emails to the clients. No user is going to entertain emails that have flaws in them. Thus, it is a responsibility of the service provider to thoroughly check the emails prior to sending them finally to the users. Remember even a small mistake can cause huge blunder and affect the services.


This was the round up of the tactics that will help in improving the email quality and the spamming as well. Thus, keep in mind all these steps in order to be the best among the service providers in the similar category. Remember, it is all about pleasing the clients with the services; hence, try every such method that could help you add new prospects in the services. More to it, a little bit of research to know the email marketing techniques that are currently in use is going to help a lot.

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Eayan Malik

Outstanding content, all points are awesome and written well. thanks.


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