7 Email Newsletter Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Email Newsletter Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Email marketing has always appealed to the clients for the obvious reasons. No matter how much we keep complaining about the tons of newsletters we get every day, there are still some newsletters that are favorite to us. We keep an eagle eye on their arrival to know what’s new in them.

A number of elements are there that make email newsletter design a great deal for business. These professional looking designs not only work well to familiarize clients with the new business news but also play the pivotal role in attracting the clients’ attention towards the business.

Email newsletters are great in certain ways. However, there are some mistakes that must be avoided while you are creating them as a professional piece of write-up. Here is a brief about the mistakes that must be avoided.

► Do not neglect the mobile

Stats suggest that nearly 65% of the email newsletters are read on smartphones that is why you cannot ignore the mobile design while creating email newsletters. These days responsive design is much in use, which is the perfect way to make your email template design work on diverse platforms. Including responsive design in the email templates also promises for their accessibility on diverse platforms

► Inconsistency in branding

Your brand needs a proper recognition as soon as it lands into the inbox of the receivers. This is possible only with proper branding along with the consistent brand promotion. When people are well aware of your product or services, there are brighter chances of your services making their mark prominent in the eyes of the clients. It is advised to compose the newsletters with a consistent tone.

► Ignoring the importance of fonts

The newsletters that are sent to the clients require being a perfect piece of the write-up from all the related aspects whether it is about the engaging content, the impressive layout, or the fonts. The fonts in your email newsletters are going to play a vital role as they will impress the users if aligned well or can have the negative impact if not arranged properly for the onlooker. Fonts need to soothe the eyeballs of the clients.

► Incorporating inappropriate colors

As per the fonts, colors in the email newsletters also count when it is about creating an everlasting impression on the clients. Using soothing colors will always help to impress the clients and thus, the ultimate aim of composing the email newsletter design can easily be fulfilled. Moreover, you must not be using too many colors in the newsletters. It is always good to associate 2-3 colors with the brand.

► Using complex images

One of the foremost things to keep in the mind is to relate the images properly with the newsletter design. Besides fonts and the color of the newsletters, the images must be used and placed properly. Images attract the users, and this can be used in the favor of getting clicks for the newsletters. Thus, for making the clients read the newsletter well, it is good to attract them with compelling images.

► Low quality content

Obviously, you would not like your newsletter to get stuffed with low quality content. Content counts as one of the most important aspects of the newsletters and thus, you cannot go wrong with this. The quality and the quantity of your content must be balanced properly to offer a superb reading experience to the clients. Failing in this attempt may hamper the success of the email newsletters.

► Ignoring the interest of readers

The email newsletters sent to the clients must be focused towards the interest of the clients. With this, you need to think for the interest of the clients as well as your readers. Incorporating the things that relate well with readers’ interest is a proven method of striking success with the email newsletter design. Moreover, personalization can also help service providers in this attempt.

Final Words

Email newsletter design is a way of professional communication between the service providers and the clients. With the same reason, it needs to be generated perfectly with each element placed at the right position for involving the clients with the services of the organization. Moreover, the best practice among all is to keep your newsletter as simple as possible.

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