4 Essential Ways To Get The Customers To Open Your Email

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your products or services and convert more prospects for your online business. If you really want to be a successful email marketer, then employ advanced strategies of email marketing. It is essential to send relevant messages with the useful information that encourage recipients to open your emails at the regular basis. It is impossible to get response from your subscriber, until they open your emails. You need to take the necessary steps to improve your emails and develop a strong email marketing campaign. The four magical ways to get your customers to open your emails are:

The 4 effective ways to entice customers to open your emails have discussed below:

Offer Solution:
You would surely be interested in subscribing to the email that takes care of your requirements and preferences by providing useful information and solutions to your problems. Prepare a strategy for your email campaign, set the expectations forthright and promise your audience that every email would lead them closer to the solution. This not only encourages customers to open your email, but also creates eagerness among them to know the solution to their problems and learn more from you.

Offer Discount:
It can be encouraging to get discount on dinner or any other product or service. Therefore, you can include the words like ‘free’, ‘sale’, ‘save’ in your subject line to attract the customers and entice them to read your message. Free shipping can mean more than the discount for some customers. Offer discount to your audience to increase click-through and the conversion rates.

Educate Them:
Do not focus on just selling, but also educate your customers. Some people have keen interest in learning new things. Taking the advantage of this desire, some of the marketers promise to send informational or knowledgeable emails. This attracts more customers and increases open rates of your email. Always consider your subscriber’s interests before creating message and fulfill your promises.

Entertain Them:
Most of the email marketers have now started including humor in their email to increase the readership and sales. It is important to make a balance by considering all the aspects like creating an entertaining email that offers the solutions and save money as well as provide useful information. Do not create message by focusing just one element. An entertaining email not only create interest among the readers, but also keep them engaged.

Noteworthy tips to improve the open rate of your emails:

  • Create something that is worth reading. This means that your email should be such that the recipient could not wait to open and further read it immediately.
  • Be specific in your words. Do not promise something that you cannot deliver. Write to the point content as none of us has enough time to spend on lengthy paragraphs.
  • Spend enough time to create an appealing subject line. This is one of the most effective ways to entice your customers to open your email. Your subject line is the deciding factor, whether your email gets opened or not.
  • Make sure that the first line of your message is related to the subject line.
  • Understand your audience’s needs and offer appropriate solutions.
  • Offer the special deals and savings that your company is promising.
  • Do not disappoint your customers. Educate them as they want to learn something from you.
  • Do not send dull messages, include some humor in your emails.
  • Create your brand image and gain your customer’s trust.


Make your customers and prospects realize that you care about helping them and understand their needs. Once you have gained their trust, prove that you deserve it by serving them in the best possible way. Address their concerns and preferences. Do not forget to rely upon your promise.

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